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Probing diffuse radio emission in bridges between galaxy clusters with uGMRT

G.V. PignataroA. BonafedeG. BernardiC.J. RiseleyD. DallacasaT. Venturi
Nov 2023
The main purpose of this work is to investigate the properties of the non-thermal emission in the interacting clusters pairs Abell 0399-Abell 0401 and Abell 21-PSZ2 G114.9, found in an interacting state. In both cases their connection along a filament is supported by SZ effect detected by the Planck satellite and, in the special case of Abell 0399-Abell 0401, the presence of a radio bridge has been already confirmed by LOFAR observations at 140MHz. Here, we analyse new high sensitivity wideband (250-500MHz) uGMRT data of these two systems and describe an injection procedure to place limits on the spectrum of Abell 0399-Abell 0401 and on the radio emission between Abell 21-PSZ2 G114.9. For the A399-A401 pair, we are able to constrain the steep spectral index of the bridge emission to be alpha>2.2 with a 95% confidence level between 140MHz and 400MHz. For the A21-PSZ2 G114.9 pair, we are able to place an upper limit on the flux density of the bridge emission with two different methods, finding at the central frequency of 383MHz a conservative value of fu_1<260mJy at 95% confidence level, and a lower value of fu_2<125mJy at 80% confidence level, based on visual inspection and a morphological criterion. Our work provides a constraint on the spectrum in the bridge A399-A401 which disfavours shock-acceleration as the main mechanism for the radio emission.
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