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An Innovative Tool for Uploading/Scraping Large Image Datasets on Social Networks

Nicol\`o Fabio ArceriOliver GiudiceSebastiano Battiato
Nov 2023
Nowadays, people can retrieve and share digital information in an increasingly easy and fast fashion through the well-known digital platforms, including sensitive data, inappropriate or illegal content, and, in general, information that might serve as probative evidence in court. Consequently, to assess forensics issues, we need to figure out how to trace back to the posting chain of a digital evidence (e.g., a picture, an audio) throughout the involved platforms -- this is what Digital (also Forensics) Ballistics basically deals with. With the entry of Machine Learning as a tool of the trade in many research areas, the need for vast amounts of data has been dramatically increasing over the last few years. However, collecting or simply find the "right" datasets that properly enables data-driven research studies can turn out to be not trivial in some cases, if not extremely challenging, especially when it comes with highly specialized tasks, such as creating datasets analyzed to detect the source media platform of a given digital media. In this paper we propose an automated approach by means of a digital tool that we created on purpose. The tool is capable of automatically uploading an entire image dataset to the desired digital platform and then downloading all the uploaded pictures, thus shortening the overall time required to output the final dataset to be analyzed.
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