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Enhancing AmBC Systems with Deep Learning for Joint Channel Estimation and Signal Detection

S. ZargariA. HakimiC. TellamburaA. Maaref
Nov 2023
The era of ubiquitous, affordable wireless connectivity has opened doors to countless practical applications. In this context, ambient backscatter communication (AmBC) stands out, utilizing passive tags to establish connections with readers by harnessing reflected ambient radio frequency (RF) signals. However, conventional data detectors face limitations due to their inadequate knowledge of channel and RF-source parameters. To address this challenge, we propose an innovative approach using a deep neural network (DNN) for channel state estimation (CSI) and signal detection within AmBC systems. Unlike traditional methods that separate CSI estimation and data detection, our approach leverages a DNN to implicitly estimate CSI and simultaneously detect data. The DNN model, trained offline using simulated data derived from channel statistics, excels in online data recovery, ensuring robust performance in practical scenarios. Comprehensive evaluations validate the superiority of our proposed DNN method over traditional detectors, particularly in terms of bit error rate (BER). In high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) conditions, our method exhibits an impressive approximately 20% improvement in BER performance compared to the maximum likelihood (ML) approach. These results underscore the effectiveness of our developed approach for AmBC channel estimation and signal detection. In summary, our method outperforms traditional detectors, bolstering the reliability and efficiency of AmBC systems, even in challenging channel conditions.
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