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Cross-view and Cross-pose Completion for 3D Human Understanding

Matthieu ArmandoSalma GalaaouiFabien Baradel ...+4 Gr\'egory Rogez
Nov 2023
Human perception and understanding is a major domain of computer vision which, like many other vision subdomains recently, stands to gain from the use of large models pre-trained on large datasets. We hypothesize that the most common pre-training strategy of relying on general purpose, object-centric image datasets such as ImageNet, is limited by an important domain shift. On the other hand, collecting domain specific ground truth such as 2D or 3D labels does not scale well. Therefore, we propose a pre-training approach based on self-supervised learning that works on human-centric data using only images. Our method uses pairs of images of humans: the first is partially masked and the model is trained to reconstruct the masked parts given the visible ones and a second image. It relies on both stereoscopic (cross-view) pairs, and temporal (cross-pose) pairs taken from videos, in order to learn priors about 3D as well as human motion. We pre-train a model for body-centric tasks and one for hand-centric tasks. With a generic transformer architecture, these models outperform existing self-supervised pre-training methods on a wide set of human-centric downstream tasks, and obtain state-of-the-art performance for instance when fine-tuning for model-based and model-free human mesh recovery.
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