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Constraints on Density Dependent MIT Bag Model Parameters for Quark and Hybrid Stars

Soumen PodderSuman PalDebashree SenGargi Chaudhuri
Nov 2023
We compute the equation of state (EoS) of strange quark stars (SQSs) with the MIT Bag model using density dependent bag pressure, characterized by a Gaussian distribution function. The bag pressure's density dependence is controlled by three key parameters namely the asymptotic value ($B_{as}$), $\Delta B(=B_0 - B_{as})$, and $\beta$. We explore various parameter combinations ($B_{as}$, $\Delta B$, $\beta$) that adhere to the Bodmer-Witten conjecture, a criterion for the stability of SQSs. Our primary aim is to analyze the effects of these parameter variations on the structural properties of SQSs. However we find that none of the combinations can satisfy the NICER data for PSR J0030+0451 and the constraint on tidal deformability from GW170817. So it can be emphasized that this model cannot describe reasonable SQS configurations. We also extend our work to calculate structural properties of hybrid stars (HSs). With the density dependent bag model (DDBM), these astrophysical constraints are fulfilled by the HSs configurations within a very restricted range of the three parameters. The present work is the first to constrain the parameters of DDBM for both SQS and HSs using the recent astrophysical constraints on tidal deformabiity from GW170817 and that on mass-radius relationship from NICER data.
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