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Tailoring the defects and electronic band structure in WS2/h-BN heterostructure

Suvodeep PaulSaheb KarakSaswata TalukdarDevesh NegiSurajit Saha
Nov 2023
The 2D semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides (e.g., WS2) host strong coupling between various degrees of freedom leading to potential applications in next-generation device applications including optoelectronics. Such applications are strongly influenced by defects which can control both the optical and electronic properties of the material. We demonstrate the possibility to tailor the defect-related electronic states and the lattice dynamics properties of WS2 in their heterostructures with h-BN which host a strong interlayer coupling between the charge carriers in the WS2 layer and the phonons of h-BN. This coupling is observed to induce modifications to the interlayer phonons (manifested by their modified Raman-activity) and to the charge carrier mobilities in the WS2 layer (which results in creation of mid-gap energy states associated with many-body quasiparticle states). Our study also includes a detailed characterization of the defects through Raman measurements revealing an A_1g-type nature with differential resonance behavior for the modes that are related to defect scattering with respect to the other normal phonon modes of WS2.
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