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Parameters of nucleon densities and the Coulomb barrier in heavy-ion collisions

Makar Simonov (123) ...+15 Russia)
Nov 2023
When modeling nuclear processes which occur in heavy-ion reactions, it is necessary to calculate the potential energy of interaction between two nuclei. One of the main features determining the dynamics of the nucleus-nucleus collision is the Coulomb barrier, the knowledge of which is especially important when low- and intermediate-energy reactions are being studied. Our goal is to establish a parameterization of nucleon density distributions for calculation of the nucleus-nucleus double-folding potential in nuclear reactions. Special attention is paid to the description of the Coulomb barrier. The study analyzes experimental data on charge radii, diffuseness, and neutron skin thickness of atomic nuclei. The nucleus-nucleus potential is calculated in the framework of the double-folding method with the effective nucleon-nucleon interaction taken in the form of the zero-range Migdal potential. Based on this analysis and comparison with the Bass potential, parameters of nucleon density distributions are fitted to reproduce the Coulomb barrier. A method for correcting the parameters of nucleon densities to reproduce the Coulomb barrier with the double-folding potential is proposed. The presented way to correct nucleon densities allows obtaining a satisfactory description of the Coulomb barrier that is important for modeling near-barrier collisions of heavy ions.
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