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Recovering Marcus Theory Rates and Beyond without the Need for Decoherence Corrections: The Mapping Approach to Surface Hopping

Joseph E. LawrenceJonathan R. MannouchJeremy O. Richardson
Nov 2023
It is well known that fewest-switches surface hopping (FSSH) fails to correctly capture the quadratic scaling of rate constants with diabatic coupling in the weak-coupling limit, as expected from Fermi's golden rule and Marcus theory. To address this deficiency, the most widely used approach is to introduce a `decoherence correction', which removes the inconsistency between the wavefunction coefficients and the active state. Here we investigate the behavior of a new nonadiabatic trajectory method, called the mapping approach to surface hopping (MASH), on systems that exhibit incoherent rate behavior. Unlike FSSH, MASH hops between active surfaces deterministically, and can never have an inconsistency between the wavefunction coefficients and the active state. We show that MASH is not only able to describe rates for intermediate and strong diabatic coupling, but can also accurately reproduce the results of Marcus theory in the golden-rule limit, without the need for a decoherence correction. MASH is therefore a significant improvement over FSSH in the simulation of nonadiabatic reactions.
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