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A Direct Approach for Solving Cloud Computing Task Assignment with Soft Deadlines

Guang Fang
Nov 2023
Job scheduling in cloud computing environments is a critical yet complex problem. Cloud computing user job requirements are highly dynamic and uncertain, while cloud computing resources are heterogeneous and constrained. This paper studies the online resource allocation problem for elastic computing jobs with soft deadlines in cloud computing environments. The main contributions include: 1) Integer linear programming modeling is used to design an auction time scheduling framework with three key modules - resource allocation, evaluation, and operation, which can dynamically allocate resources in closed loops. 2) Methods such as time-based single resource utilization evaluation and weighted average evaluation are proposed to evaluate resource usage efficiency. 3) Soft acceptance protocols are introduced to achieve elastic online resource allocation. 4) The time complexity of the proposed algorithms is analyzed and proven to be polynomial time, demonstrating efficiency. 5) Modular design makes the framework extensible. This paper provides a structured cloud computing auction framework as a reference for building practical cloud resource management systems. Future work may explore more complex models of random arrival and multi-dimensional resource constraints, evaluate algorithm performance on real cloud workloads, and further enhance system robustness, efficiency and fairness.
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