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Two-stage Joint Transductive and Inductive learning for Nuclei Segmentation

Hesham AliIdriss TondjiMennatullah Siam
Nov 2023
AI-assisted nuclei segmentation in histopathological images is a crucial task in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases. It decreases the time required to manually screen microscopic tissue images and can resolve the conflict between pathologists during diagnosis. Deep Learning has proven useful in such a task. However, lack of labeled data is a significant barrier for deep learning-based approaches. In this study, we propose a novel approach to nuclei segmentation that leverages the available labelled and unlabelled data. The proposed method combines the strengths of both transductive and inductive learning, which have been previously attempted separately, into a single framework. Inductive learning aims at approximating the general function and generalizing to unseen test data, while transductive learning has the potential of leveraging the unlabelled test data to improve the classification. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to propose such a hybrid approach for medical image segmentation. Moreover, we propose a novel two-stage transductive inference scheme. We evaluate our approach on MoNuSeg benchmark to demonstrate the efficacy and potential of our method.
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