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Topological Domain-Wall States Hosting Quantized Polarization and Majorana Zero Modes Without Bulk Boundary Correspondence

Sang-Hoon HanMyungjun KangMoon Jip ParkSangmo Cheon
Nov 2023
Bulk-boundary correspondence is a concept for topological insulators and superconductors that determines the existence of topological boundary states within the tenfold classification table. Contrary to this belief, we demonstrate that topological domain-wall states can emerge in all forbidden 1D classes in the classification table using representative generalized Su-Schrieffer-Heeger and Kitaev models, which manifests as quantized electric dipole moments and Majorana zero modes, respectively. We first show that a zero-energy domain-wall state can possess a quantized polarization, even if the polarization of individual domains is not inherently quantized. A quantized Berry phase difference between the domains confirms the non-trivial nature of the domain-wall states, implying a general-bulk-boundary principle, further confirmed by the tight-binding, topological field, and low-energy effective theories. Our methodology is then extended to a superconducting system, resulting in Majorana zero modes on the domain wall of a generalized Kitaev model. Finally, we suggest potential systems where our results may be realized, spanning from condensed matter to optical.
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