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Simultaneous detection of flare-associated kink oscillations and extreme-ultraviolet waves

Dong LiZhenyong HouXianyong Bai ...+4 Zongjun Ning
Nov 2023
Kink oscillations, which are frequently observed in coronal loops and prominences, are often accompanied by extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) waves. However, much more needs to be explored regarding the causal relationships between kink oscillations and EUV waves. In this article, we report the simultaneous detection of kink oscillations and EUV waves that are both associated with an X2.1 flare on 2023 March 03 (SOL2023-03-03T17:39). The kink oscillations, which are almost perpendicular to the axes of loop-like structures, are observed in three coronal loops and one prominence. One short loop shows in-phase oscillation within the same period of 5.2 minutes at three positions. This oscillation could be triggered by the pushing of an expanding loop and interpreted as the standing kink wave. Time lags are found between the kink oscillations of the short loop and two long loops, suggesting that the kink wave travels in different loops. The kink oscillations of one long loop and the prominence are possibly driven by the disturbance of the CME, and that of another long loop might be attributed to the interaction of the EUV wave. The onset time of the kink oscillation of the short loop is nearly same as the beginning of an EUV wave. This fact demonstrates that they are almost simultaneous. The EUV wave is most likely excited by the expanding loop structure and shows two components. The leading component is a fast coronal wave, and the trailing one could be due to the stretching magnetic field lines.
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