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Environment-independent mmWave Fall Detection with Interacting Multiple Model

Xuyao YuJiazhao WangWenchao Jiang
Nov 2023
The ageing society brings attention to daily elderly care through sensing technologies. The future smart home is expected to enable in-home daily monitoring, such as fall detection, for seniors in a non-invasive, non-cooperative, and non-contact manner. The mmWave radar is a promising candidate technology for its privacy-preserving and non-contact manner. However, existing solutions suffer from low accuracy and robustness due to environment dependent features. In this paper, we present FADE (\underline{FA}ll \underline{DE}tection), a practical fall detection radar system with enhanced accuracy and robustness in real-world scenarios. The key enabler underlying FADE is an interacting multiple model (IMM) state estimator that can extract environment-independent features for highly accurate and instantaneous fall detection. Furthermore, we proposed a robust multiple-user tracking system to deal with noises from the environment and other human bodies. We deployed our algorithm on low computing power and low power consumption system-on-chip (SoC) composed of data front end, DSP, and ARM processor, and tested its performance in real-world. The experiment shows that the accuracy of fall detection is up to 95\%.
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