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Neurophysiological Response Based on Auditory Sense for Brain Modulation Using Monaural Beat

Ha-Na JoYoung-Seok KweonGi-Hwan ShinHeon-Gyu KwakSeong-Whan Lee
Nov 2023
Brain modulation is a modification process of brain activity through external stimulations. However, which condition can induce the activation is still unclear. Therefore, we aimed to identify brain activation conditions using 40 Hz monaural beat (MB). Under this stimulation, auditory sense status which is determined by frequency and power range is the condition to consider. Hence, we designed five sessions to compare; no stimulation, audible (AB), inaudible in frequency, inaudible in power, and inaudible in frequency and power. Ten healthy participants underwent each stimulation session for ten minutes with electroencephalogram (EEG) recording. For analysis, we calculated the power spectral density (PSD) of EEG for each session and compared them in frequency, time, and five brain regions. As a result, we observed the prominent power peak at 40 Hz in only AB. The induced EEG amplitude increase started at one minute and increased until the end of the session. These results of AB had significant differences in frontal, central, temporal, parietal, and occipital regions compared to other stimulations. From the statistical analysis, the PSD of the right temporal region was significantly higher than the left. We figure out the role that the auditory sense is important to lead brain activation. These findings help to understand the neurophysiological principle and effects of auditory stimulation.
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