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Analysis of the neutral fluxes in the divertor region of Wendelstein 7-X under attached and detached conditions using EMC3-EIRENE

Dieter BoeyaertaYuhe FengHeinke Frerichs ...+13 W7-X team
Nov 2023
This paper analyzes the neutral fluxes in the divertor region of the W7-X standard configuration for different input powers, both under attached and detached conditions. The performed analysis is conducted through EMC3-EIRENE simulations. They show the importance of the horizontal divertor to generate neutrals, and resolve the neutral plugging in the divertor region. Simulations of detached cases show a decrease in the number of generated neutrals compared to the attached simulations, in addition to a higher fraction of the ion flux arriving on the baffles during detachment. As the ionization takes place further inside the plasma during detachment, a larger percentage of the generated neutral particles leave the divertor as neutrals. The leakage in the poloidal and toroidal direction increases, just as the fraction of collected particles at the pumping gap. The fraction of pumped particles increases with a factor two, but stays below one percent. This demonstrates that detachment with the current target geometry, although it improves the power exhaust, is not yet leading to an increased particle exhaust.
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