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A Two-Field Formulation for Surfactant Transport within the Algebraic Volume of Fluid Method

T. Antritter (1)T. Josyula (1)T. Mari\'c (2) ...+7 (3) Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
Nov 2023
Surfactant transport plays an important role in many technical processes and industrial applications such as chemical reactors, microfluidics, printing and coating technology. High fidelity numerical simulations of two-phase flow phenomena reveal rich insights into the flow dynamics, heat, mass and species transport. In the present study, a two-field formulation for surfactant transport within the algebraic volume of fluid method is presented. The slight diffuse nature of representing the interface in the algebraic volume of fluid method is utilized to track the concentration of surfactant at the interface as a volumetric concentration. Transport of insoluble and soluble surfactants is investigated by tracking two different concentrations of the surfactant, one within the bulk of the liquid and the other one at the interface. These two transport equations are in turn coupled by source terms considering the ad-/desorption processes at a liquid-gas interface. Appropriate boundary conditions at a solid-fluid interface are formulated to ensure surfactant conservation, while also enabling to study the ad-/desorption processes at a solid-fluid interface. The developed numerical method is verified by comparing the numerical simulations with well-known analytical and numerical reference solutions. The presented numerical methodology offers a seamless integration of surfactant transport into the algebraic volume of fluid method, where the latter has many advantages such as volume conservation and an inherent ability of handling large interface deformations and topological changes.
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