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Artificial Intelligence for Web 3.0: A Comprehensive Survey

Meng ShenZhehui TanDusit Niyato ...+5 Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
Aug 2023
Web 3.0 is the new generation of the Internet that is reconstructed with distributed technology, which focuses on data ownership and value expression. Also, it operates under the principle that data and digital assets should be owned and controlled by users rather than large corporations. In this survey, we explore the current development state of Web 3.0 and the application of AI Technology in Web 3.0. Through investigating the existing applications and components of Web 3.0, we propose an architectural framework for Web 3.0 from the perspective of ecological application scenarios. We outline and divide the ecology of Web 3.0 into four layers. The main functions of each layer are data management, value circulation, ecological governance, and application scenarios. Our investigation delves into the major challenges and issues present in each of these layers. In this context, AI has shown its strong potential to solve existing problems of Web 3.0. We illustrate the crucial role of AI in the foundation and growth of Web 3.0. We begin by providing an overview of AI, including machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques. Then, we thoroughly analyze the current state of AI technology applications in the four layers of Web 3.0 and offer some insights into its potential future development direction.
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