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SPT-SZ MCMF: An extension of the SPT-SZ catalog over the DES region

M. KleinJ. J. MohrS. Bocquetthe SPTDES collabortions
Sep 2023
We present an extension to a Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect (SZE) selected cluster catalog based on observations from the South Pole Telescope (SPT); this catalog extends to lower signal-to-noise than the previous SPT-SZ catalog and therefore includes lower mass clusters. Optically derived redshifts, centers, richnesses and morphological parameters together with catalog contamination and completeness statistics are extracted using the multi-component matched filter algorithm (MCMF) applied to the S/N>4 SPT-SZ candidate list and the Dark Energy Survey (DES) photometric galaxy catalog. The main catalog contains 811 sources above S/N=4, has 91% purity and is 95% complete with respect to the original SZE selection. It contains 50% more total clusters and twice as many clusters above z=0.8 in comparison to the original SPT-SZ sample. The MCMF algorithm allows us to define subsamples of the desired purity with traceable impact on catalog completeness. As an example, we provide two subsamples with S/N>4.25 and S/N>4.5 for which the sample contamination and cleaning-induced incompleteness are both as low as the expected Poisson noise for samples of their size. The subsample with S/N>4.5 has 98% purity and 96% completeness, and will be included in a combined SPT cluster and DES weak-lensing cosmological analysis. We measure the number of false detections in the SPT-SZ candidate list as function of S/N, finding that it follows that expected from assuming Gaussian noise, but with a lower amplitude compared to previous estimates from simulations.
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