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Impact of Augmented reality system on elementary school ESL learners in country side of china: Motivations, achievements, behaviors and cognitive attainment

Ijaz Ul Haq
Sep 2023
The English proficiency of students in rural areas of China tends to be lower than that of their urban counterparts, owing to outdated teaching methods, a lack of advanced technology resources, and low motivation for English learning. This study examines the impact of an Augmented Reality English Words Learning (AREWL) system on the learning motivation, achievement, behavioral patterns, and cognitive attainment of elementary school students in rural China. The study explores whether student motivation varies with their level of achievement and vice versa, and provides an analysis of behavioral patterns and cognitive attainment. The AREWL system employs 3D virtual objects, animations, and assessments to teach English pronunciation and spelling. Instructions are provided in both English and Chinese for ease of use. The sample group consisted of 20 students from grades 1 and 2, selected based on low pretest scores, along with five non-native teachers. Data were collected through pretests and posttests, questionnaires, surveys, video recordings, and in-app evaluations. Quantitative methods were used to analyze test scores and teacher opinions, while qualitative methods were employed to study student behavior and its relationship with cognitive attainment. Results indicate that both teachers and students responded favorably to the AREWL system. Students exhibited both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, which correlated significantly with their learning achievements. While behavioral analysis showed interactive engagement with the AREWL system, cognitive attainment was found to be relatively low. The study concludes that AR-based learning applications can play an important role in motivating English learning among young learners in China. The findings contribute to the field of educational technology by introducing a new AR-based English words learning application.
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