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DynaPix SLAM: A Pixel-Based Dynamic SLAM Approach

Chenghao XuElia BonettoAamir Ahmad
Sep 2023
In static environments, visual simultaneous localization and mapping (V-SLAM) methods achieve remarkable performance. However, moving objects severely affect core modules of such systems like state estimation and loop closure detection. To address this, dynamic SLAM approaches often use semantic information, geometric constraints, or optical flow to mask features associated with dynamic entities. These are limited by various factors such as a dependency on the quality of the underlying method, poor generalization to unknown or unexpected moving objects, and often produce noisy results, e.g. by masking static but movable objects or making use of predefined thresholds. In this paper, to address these trade-offs, we introduce a novel visual SLAM system, DynaPix, based on per-pixel motion probability values. Our approach consists of a new semantic-free probabilistic pixel-wise motion estimation module and an improved pose optimization process. Our per-pixel motion probability estimation combines a novel static background differencing method on both images and optical flows from splatted frames. DynaPix fully integrates those motion probabilities into both map point selection and weighted bundle adjustment within the tracking and optimization modules of ORB-SLAM2. We evaluate DynaPix against ORB-SLAM2 and DynaSLAM on both GRADE and TUM-RGBD datasets, obtaining lower errors and longer trajectory tracking times. We will release both source code and data upon acceptance of this work.
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