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Watch the Speakers: A Hybrid Continuous Attribution Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation With Emotion Disentanglement

Shanglin LeiXiaoping WangGuanting DongJiang Li and Yingjian Liu
Sep 2023
Emotion Recognition in Conversation (ERC) has attracted widespread attention in the natural language processing field due to its enormous potential for practical applications. Existing ERC methods face challenges in achieving generalization to diverse scenarios due to insufficient modeling of context, ambiguous capture of dialogue relationships and overfitting in speaker modeling. In this work, we present a Hybrid Continuous Attributive Network (HCAN) to address these issues in the perspective of emotional continuation and emotional attribution. Specifically, HCAN adopts a hybrid recurrent and attention-based module to model global emotion continuity. Then a novel Emotional Attribution Encoding (EAE) is proposed to model intra- and inter-emotional attribution for each utterance. Moreover, aiming to enhance the robustness of the model in speaker modeling and improve its performance in different scenarios, A comprehensive loss function emotional cognitive loss $\mathcal{L}_{\rm EC}$ is proposed to alleviate emotional drift and overcome the overfitting of the model to speaker modeling. Our model achieves state-of-the-art performance on three datasets, demonstrating the superiority of our work. Another extensive comparative experiments and ablation studies on three benchmarks are conducted to provided evidence to support the efficacy of each module. Further exploration of generalization ability experiments shows the plug-and-play nature of the EAE module in our method.
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