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Multimode physics of the unimon circuit

Sasu TuohinoVasilii VadimovWallace S. TeixeiraTommi MalmelinMatti SilveriMikko M\"ott\"onen
Sep 2023
We consider a superconducting half-wavelength resonator that is grounded at its both ends and contains a single Josephson junction. Previously this circuit was considered as a unimon qubit in the single-mode approximation where dc-phase-biasing the junction to $\pi$ leads to increased anharmonicity and 99.9% experimentally observed single-qubit gate fidelity. Inspired by the promising first experimental results, we develop here a theoretical and numerical model for the detailed understanding of the multimode physics of the unimon circuit. To this end, first, we consider the high-frequency modes of the unimon circuit and find that even though these modes are at their ground state, they imply a significant renormalization to the Josephson energy. We introduce an efficient method how the relevant modes can be fully taken into account and show that unexcited high-lying modes lead to corrections in the qubit energy and anharmonicity. Interestingly, provided that the junction is offset from the middle of the circuit, we find strong cross-Kerr coupling strengths between a few low-lying modes. This observation paves the way for the utilization of the multimode structure, for example, as several qubits embedded into a single unimon circuit.
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