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Unified Frequency-Assisted Transformer Framework for Detecting and Grounding Multi-Modal Manipulation

Huan LiuZichang TanQiang ChenYunchao WeiYao ZhaoJingdong Wang
Sep 2023
Detecting and grounding multi-modal media manipulation (DGM^4) has become increasingly crucial due to the widespread dissemination of face forgery and text misinformation. In this paper, we present the Unified Frequency-Assisted transFormer framework, named UFAFormer, to address the DGM^4 problem. Unlike previous state-of-the-art methods that solely focus on the image (RGB) domain to describe visual forgery features, we additionally introduce the frequency domain as a complementary viewpoint. By leveraging the discrete wavelet transform, we decompose images into several frequency sub-bands, capturing rich face forgery artifacts. Then, our proposed frequency encoder, incorporating intra-band and inter-band self-attentions, explicitly aggregates forgery features within and across diverse sub-bands. Moreover, to address the semantic conflicts between image and frequency domains, the forgery-aware mutual module is developed to further enable the effective interaction of disparate image and frequency features, resulting in aligned and comprehensive visual forgery representations. Finally, based on visual and textual forgery features, we propose a unified decoder that comprises two symmetric cross-modal interaction modules responsible for gathering modality-specific forgery information, along with a fusing interaction module for aggregation of both modalities. The proposed unified decoder formulates our UFAFormer as a unified framework, ultimately simplifying the overall architecture and facilitating the optimization process. Experimental results on the DGM^4 dataset, containing several perturbations, demonstrate the superior performance of our framework compared to previous methods, setting a new benchmark in the field.
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