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HumTrans: A Novel Open-Source Dataset for Humming Melody Transcription and Beyond

Shansong LiuXu LiDian LiYing Shan
Sep 2023
This paper introduces the HumTrans dataset, which is publicly available and primarily designed for humming melody transcription. The dataset can also serve as a foundation for downstream tasks such as humming melody based music generation. It consists of 500 musical compositions of different genres and languages, with each composition divided into multiple segments. In total, the dataset comprises 1000 music segments. To collect this humming dataset, we employed 10 college students, all of whom are either music majors or proficient in playing at least one musical instrument. Each of them hummed every segment twice using the web recording interface provided by our designed website. The humming recordings were sampled at a frequency of 44,100 Hz. During the humming session, the main interface provides a musical score for students to reference, with the melody audio playing simultaneously to aid in capturing both melody and rhythm. The dataset encompasses approximately 56.22 hours of audio, making it the largest known humming dataset to date. The dataset will be released on Hugging Face, and we will provide a GitHub repository containing baseline results and evaluation codes.
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