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Jump to Conclusions: Short-Cutting Transformers With Linear Transformations

Alexander Yom DinTaelin KaridiLeshem ChoshenMor Geva
Mar 2023
Transformer-based language models (LMs) create hidden representations oftheir inputs at every layer, but only use final-layer representations forprediction. This obscures the internal decision-making process of the model andthe utility of its intermediate representations. One way to elucidate this isto cast the hidden representations as final representations, bypassing thetransformer computation in-between. In this work, we suggest a simple methodfor such casting, by using linear transformations. We show that our approachproduces more accurate approximations than the prevailing practice ofinspecting hidden representations from all layers in the space of the finallayer. Moreover, in the context of language modeling, our method allows"peeking" into early layer representations of GPT-2 and BERT, showing thatoften LMs already predict the final output in early layers. We then demonstratethe practicality of our method to recent early exit strategies, showing thatwhen aiming, for example, at retention of 95% accuracy, our approach savesadditional 7.9% layers for GPT-2 and 5.4% layers for BERT, on top of thesavings of the original approach. Last, we extend our method to linearlyapproximate sub-modules, finding that attention is most tolerant to thischange.