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Smart Contract Generation for Inter-Organizational Process Collaboration

Tianhong XiongShangqing FengMaolin PanYang Yu
Mar 2023
Currently, inter-organizational process collaboration (IOPC) has been widelyused in the design and development of distributed systems that support businessprocess execution. Blockchain-based IOPC can establish trusted data sharingamong participants, attracting more and more attention. The core of such studyis to translate the graphical model (e.g., BPMN) into program code called smartcontract that can be executed in the blockchain environment. In this context, aproper smart contract plays a vital role in the correct implementation ofblock-chain-based IOPC. In fact, the quality of graphical model affects thesmart con-tract generation. Problematic models (e.g., deadlock) will result inincorrect contracts (causing unexpected behaviours). To avoid this undesiredimplementation, this paper explores to generate smart contracts by using theverified formal model as input instead of graphical model. Specifically, weintroduce a prototype framework that supports the automatic generation of smartcontracts, providing an end-to-end solution from modeling, verification,translation to implementation. One of the cores of this framework is to providea CSP#-based formalization for the BPMN collaboration model from theperspective of message interaction. This formalization provides preciseexecution semantics and model verification for graphical models, and a verifiedformal model for smart contract generation. Another novelty is that itintroduces a syntax tree-based translation algorithm to directly map the formalmodel into a smart contract. The required formalism, verification andtranslation techniques are transparent to users without imposing additionalburdens. Finally, a set of experiments shows the effectiveness of theframework.