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A systematic literature review on the development and use of mobile learning (web) apps by early adopters

Antonio Ruiz-Mart\'inezLinda Casta\~nedaJesualdo T. Fern\'andez Breis
Dec 2022
Surveys in mobile learning developed so far have analysed in a global way theeffects on the usage of mobile devices by means of general apps or apps alreadydeveloped. However, more and more teachers are developing their own apps toaddress issues not covered by existing m-learning apps. In this article, bymeans of a systematic literature review that covers 62 publications placed inthe hype of teacher-created m-learning apps (between 2012 and 2017, the earlyadopters) and the usage of 71 apps, we have analysed the use of specificm-learning apps. Our results show that apps have been used both out of theclassroom to develop autonomous learning or field trips, and in the classroom,mainly, for collaborative activities. The experiences analysed only develop lowlevel outcomes and the results obtained are positive improving learning,learning performance, and attitude. As a conclusion of this study is that theresults obtained with specific developed apps are quite similar to previousgeneral surveys and that the development of long-term experiences are requiredto determine the real effect of instructional designs based on mobile devices.These designs should also be oriented to evaluate high level skills and takeadvantage of mobile features of mobile devices to develop learning activitiesthat be made anytime at anyplace and taking into account context and realisticsituations. Furthermore, it is considered relevant the study of the role ofeducational mobile development frameworks in facilitating teachers thedevelopment of m-learning apps.