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DOI: 10.20944/preprints202103.0634.v1

GEM-Based Detectors for Direct Detection of Low-Mass WIMP, Solar Axions and Narrow Resonances (Quarks)

ParusovOvchinnikov B
Cornell University - arXiv
Mar 2021
Gas electron multipliers (GEMs) with wire (WGEMs) or metal electrodes (MGEMs), which don't use any plastic insulators between electrodes are created. The chambers containing MGEMs (WGEMs) with pin-anodes are proposed as detectors for searching of spin-dependent interactions between Dark Matter (DM) particles and gases with nonzero-spin nuclei (H2, D2, 3He, 20Ne, CF4, CH4, etc.). In this paper, we present a review of such chambers. For investigation of the gas mixtures Ne+10%H2, H2 (D2) +3ppmTMAE, the chamber containing WGEM with pin-anode detection system was constructed. In this paper we present the results of an experimental study of these gaseous mixtures exited by an {\alpha}-source. Mixture of Ar + 40 ppm C2H4 and mixture 50% Xe + 50%CF4 have been investigated. The spatial distributions of photoelectron clouds produced by primary scintillations on {\alpha}- and \b{eta}-particle tracks, as well as the distributions of photoelectron clouds due to photons from avalanches at the pin-anode, have been measured for the first time. In our experiments as another filling of the chambers for search of low-mas WIMP (<10 GeV/c2), solar neutrino and solar axions with spin-dependent interaction we propose to use the mixtures: D2 +3ppmTMAE, 3He + 3%CH4, 20Ne + 10%H2, at pressure 10-17 bar. And in our experiment with liquid gases is used the mixtures with 19F (LAr + CF4, LXe + CF4) and mixture LCH4 + 40ppm TMAE. The time projection chamber (TPC) with the mixture D2 + 3ppmTMAE filling allow to search of spin-dependent interactions of solar axions and deuterium. As well as we present the detecting systems for search of narrow pp-resonances (quarks) in accelerators experiments.