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Presentations of Galois groups of maximal extensions with restricted ramification

Yuan Liu
Cornell University - arXiv
May 2020
Motivated by the work of Lubotzky, we use Galois cohomology to study the difference between the number of generators and the minimal number of relations in a presentation of the Galois group $G_S(k)$ of the maximal extension of a global field $k$ that is unramified outside a finite set $S$ of places, as $k$ varies among a certain family of extensions of a fixed global field $Q$. We prove a generalized version of the global Euler-Poincare Characteristic, and define a group $B_S(k,A)$, for each finite simple $G_S(k)$-module $A$, to generalize the work of Koch about the pro-$\ell$ completion of $G_S(k)$ to study the whole group $G_S(k)$. In the setting of the nonabelian Cohen-Lenstra heuristics, we prove that the objects studied by the Liu--Wood--Zureick-Brown conjecture are always achievable by the random group that is constructed in the definition the probability measure in the conjecture.